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MSC Software Consultancy in Bangkok Thailand

Use virtual prototypes to validate and optimize your design through simulation software Technology developed by MSC software. Customers in almost every part of manufacturing use MSC software to complement and replace the physical prototype “build and test” process that has traditionally been used in product design. MSC Software provides different products based on different engineering …

MixIT Software – An Enterprises Mixing Analysis Tool

Mixing Tank Case Study for Hexon Engineering


Operating Conditions

  • Fluid Properties
    Density = 1100 kg/m3
    Viscosity = 1000 cP
  • Operating Volume
    Liquid Level = 1600 mm
    Volume = 2.14 m3
  • Impeller Speed = 95 RPM

Results : Flow Pattern

Velocity Contours and Vector Plots

  • A single flow circulation loop formed by the agitator
  • As the tank is un-baffled the flow is highly rotational A single flow circulation loop formed by the agitator

Results : Mixing Profile

• Mixing time (95% Uniformity) is 8 s

Predicted Vortex Shape


  • Impeller-1 is the bottom most impeller
  • TKE is the turbulent kinetic energy
  • TDR is the turbulent dissipation rate