SEEQ Overview

Seek, is an advanced analytics solution for process manufacturing data

Seek enables you your team and your organization to quickly find and share insights that improve production outcomes and continuous batch and discrete operations.

Seek starts with access to your data historians and Manufacturing applications on the cloud or on-premise in nosql or relational databases with easy-to-use features built on machine learning and Big Data Innovations addresses the challenges specific to time series data. Easily access and combine data from multiple sources visualize your data with Advanced trending, Scatter Plots and charts.

Quickly cleanse your data for analysis, add contact and calculations to discover insights and predict outcomes. With seeq you won’t go It Alone seek supports collaboration and real-time sharing of documents among colleagues journals to encourage reuse of studies and Analysis.

And topics to publish insights from seeq for employees across your organization plus seek integrates with the business intelligence tools you already use like Microsoft Excel power BI, Tableau amplifier, root cause analysis, Predictive Analytics Or creating a production report. Whatever your analytics needs to seek and empower your organization to find insights in your time series data to improve bottom-line results, 

Get Seeq and get more value from your data.

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