What’s New in Cradle CFD 2021.1


About Cradle CFD 2021.1

Software Cradle is proud to announce the availability of Cradle CFD Version 2021.1 as a Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics solution to enhance your productivity and aid smart manufacturing. The packages of scFLOW, scSTREAM, HeatDesigner and SC/Tetra are all integrated into Cradle CFD.

Release Highlights in scFLOW

The top highlights in scFLOW 2021.1 are:

Enhancement of multi-phase flow analysisMulti-phase VOF: It is now possible to handle a free surface analysis with fluids of three or more phases. For example, complex flows with water, air, and oil in a transport pipe or tank can be simulated.

Dispersed multi-phase: scFLOW introduces the capability to simulate multi-phase flow, including dispersed phase, such as droplet flow or bubble flows inside a flow with two different physics models, namely ‘Full Eulerian model’ or ‘Mixture model.’

DEM-based String model: The string model effectively allows the user to represent string-shaped objects with a string of DEM particles linked together, enabling the analysis of large deformation of string-shared objects and interaction with the surrounding fluid to represent foreign objects in pumps.

Grouping of solid parts in voxel fitting mesher: Voxel fitting meshes can treat the region consisting of multiple sheet parts as one part, effectively meshing them together and closing small gaps.

Release Highlights in scSTREAM

The top highlights in scSTREAM 2021.1 are:

Import parts from 3DfindIT.com: An automated workflow to import parts from 3DfindIT.com was added to scSTREAM, the online CAD data library provided by CADENAS, that enables you access to a vast library of standard part for Electronics of Built Environment model creation.

Supports for ECXML export: ECXML is an agnostic open file format that does not depend on any specific CFD tool to distribute compact thermal models to other users. scSTREAM supports the read-in of models on this file format and now also supports the export compact thermal model on the ECXML file format that enables data interchange with other simulation tools.

Extension of cut-cell method: All cut-cell models now support solar radiation & light source (lamp) radiation analysis. You can handle curved surfaces and slopes because of the support of thin and panel parts for using Multiblock. GSLR (Global Solar Radiation) for solar analysis and light ray graphic for light sources can be outputted for visualisation in scPOST.

Release Highlights in scPOST

The top highlights in scPOST 2021.1 are:

Photorealistic visualization: Enhancement in lighting and reflection now enables scPOST to create photorealistic renderings. Further, by including a rich set of predefined material settings for common objects seen in CFD analysis, one can click a button and create stunning images.

Improvement of fabric model visualization: It is challenging to visualize entities of the fabric model if it starts to wrinkle and roll up. Therefore a flat 2D view, the so-called development view, is available that now also allow custom aspect rations and local coordinate systems.

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